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Vibrant, soul-stirring copy that captivates and converts

Website copywriting, emails, and brand messaging strategy for creative brands

The brand you've built deserves more than dull, forgettable copy.

You've nailed your offer and made yourself stand out from the crowd of brands doing similar work to you. But your messaging feels off.


You need copy that sounds like you, highlights your values, and resonates with your ideal customer.


It can't be just words on a page. You need an authentic, magnetic message you can feel in your bones.

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If this is your story, it's time to switch the narrative (and I can write it for you). 


Let's blend your unique personality and biz purpose to create one-of-a-kind copy that sounds like you and inspires your prospects to take action.

Show Up In Your Brand + Book Your Dream Clients -- One Word at a Time

How can I help tell your story?


Website Copy

Align your branding with enhanced web copy that welcomes visitors, relays your clear message, and converts to sales.

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Lock in the positioning, story, and tone of voice for your brand communications with a detailed guide of your brand's verbal identity.


Copy Audits

Optimize your website for sales and lifelong customer loyalty with a thorough website review and easy-to-follow recommendations.


Hey there!

I'm Kristin,

owner of Harper Kea and resident word lover. I'm thrilled to work with you to infuse character and intention into your web copy. 


Connecting with others through the power of storytelling is my jam, and you'll often find me having heart-to-heart convos with others. When I'm not writing, you'll find me nosedown in a book, satisfying my inner foodie, spending quality time with my fam, or watching some good ol' HGTV. 


​Brands thrive when they embrace their genuine values and invite others to the fold. I'll ensure your messaging aligns with your personality and leaves your audience feeling seen, welcomed, and ready to choose you.

Love Notes from Clients

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"Go for it! Working with Kristin saved me so much time that allowed me to focus on the projects I am passionate about instead of spending on copywriting which I have no expertise! She captured my voice, writing style and mission to write compelling and thoughtful e-mails that spoke directly to my clients' desires and goals."

Kelsey Ellis
Healthy with Kelsey


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You've built your brand to be one of one.

It's time to have messaging that matches.

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