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Personality-packed copy to tell the story that connects with your people

Copywriting + brand messaging strategy for creative entrepreneurs and wellness brands

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You're ready to scale your business to new heights and book more aligned, higher-paying clients. The key way to fuel these goals is through personality-driven messaging that's clear, memorable, and distinctly yours.


With clear copy and brand messaging, there's intention and strategy behind each word. Together, they make you stand out from the competition and highlight your unique values, personality, and communication style. 

The right messaging draws in your people and reveals how you creatively help them become the best versions of themselves. Ultimately, it tells the story your customers want to hear.

Through research and strategy, we'll map out your tailored voice, vocabulary, and web copy to ensure your brand messaging reflects your values, relates to your audience, and moves them to say YES.


Changing the Narrative, One Word at a Time

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Lock in the positioning, story, and tone for your brand communications and create a unique, memorable brand voice.


Website Copy

Align your branding with enhanced web copy that relays your clear message and converts to sales.


Copy Audits

Optimize your website for sales and lifelong customer loyalty with my thorough review and recommendations.


Hey there!

I 'm Kristin.

Giving your words personality + purpose

As the founder of Harper Kea and an unashamed word lover, I'm thrilled to share my creativity with you. When I'm not writing, you can find me cozying up with a book, playing with my dino-obsessed kid, or watching some good ol' HGTV. 


​Brands thrive when they embrace their genuine values and invite others to the fold. I'll ensure your messaging aligns with your personality and leaves your audience feeling seen and welcomed.

Love Notes from Clients

Reading Glasses on Book

"Go for it! Working with Kristin saved me so much time that allowed me to focus on the projects I am passionate about instead of spending on copywriting which I have no expertise! She captured my voice, writing style and mission to write compelling and thoughtful e-mails that spoke directly to my clients' desires and goals."

Kelsey Ellis
Healthy with Kelsey


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You're one of one. It's time you own it. Captivate and welcome your people with aligned brand messaging.

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