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Pebble Beach

Hey there!
I 'm Kristin,

the creative copywriter behind Harper Kea Storytelling.


I’ve always found comfort in a good book or a captivating story. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a family of natural storytellers: like my Papa, who warmed your soul through song and knee-slapping jokes; my Mema, who recounted family memories while preparing a meal; and my Mom, who made sure to put her own spin on classic bedtime stories. 


Along with hearing countless memories at family gatherings and faith-building testimonies at church, I saw how people connected and transformed from these tales. There’s undeniable power in a good story, and I wanted to help create them. 


Over the last 10 years, I’ve used my love of writing and storytelling in the public health space, working as a corporate worksite wellness coach and health educator for county and state health departments. I decided to marry my passions for creative writing and wellness, in 2016, through blogging and later starting a holistic skincare line. My journey into entrepreneurship taught me the value of good copy and personality-packed brand messaging.


Acting in faith, I began Harper Kea Storytelling to help other creatives and wellness brands boldly tell their stories and transform the hearts of their community. 

When I’m not writing, you can find me

spending quality time with my hubby and son (they’re the “e” + “a” in “Kea”)


supporting local shops and restaurants

kristin hike.png

hiking and exploring nature


using song lyrics and movie quotes in regular conversation


decorating my home while channeling my inner HGTV show host 

Here's how we'll harness that power


As your copywriter, I’m your partner in telling your story. You can expect me to ask lots of questions, do tons of research on your industry and target audience, and focus on the fine details. From there, I’ll create a framework for your brand messaging and begin writing your copy. 


No need to worry about if this magical writing method is a fairytale. There’s a proven strategy behind my storytelling to ensure your brand messaging is elevated, clear, and effective


And yeah, I’m your partner, but you’re mine as well! This is a collaborative investment where you bring your true personality, share your values, and provide feedback to the project. Together, we’ll create your brand story, grow your community, and exceed your goals–one word at a time.


In this ultra-saturated biz world, your presentation means everything. Your website visitors become your newest customers when you combine personality-packed, sales-driven copy, eye-catching design*, and irresistible offers. (*Yep, I’ve got recs to make your website shine!)


It’s time to tap into the power of your voice. Your community is eager to learn about you and be transformed by your services. Whenever you’re ready to share your story, I’ll be here to make sure it’s a page-turner.

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Pebble Beach

Here's What They're Saying about Me


"Go for it! Working with Kristin saved me so much time that allowed me to focus on the projects I am passionate about instead of spending on copywriting which I have no expertise! She captured my voice, writing style and mission to write compelling and thoughtful e-mails that spoke directly to my clients' desires and goals."

Kelsey Ellis
Healthy with Kelsey

Now that you've heard my story, I'm eager to learn yours. Let's chat about telling your brand message with style and intention. 

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