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20 Storytelling Prompts to Help Your Brand Stand Out

As a messaging strategist, I don’t find it surprising that my favorite subjects in school were history/social studies and English. Learning about past and present characters and those of one’s imagination intrigued me. As I discovered their stories, I always wanted to know more about them (I was that student who loved writing book reports and biography essays). The more I learned about their stories, the more I wanted to tell others about them.

And unlike the other random facts and skills learned in school (like the Pythagorean theorem or playing “Hot Cross Buns” on the recorder), learning how to effectively tell a story is a skill every business owner can find beneficial and apply to their brand communications.

Brand storytelling is a communication style that uses a narrative to connect customers to its brand. It weaves together a business’ values and persona to create messaging that moves customers to form emotional bonds with that business and be more likely to support their values and offers.

Storytelling has become an essential component of branding because it allows a business to differentiate itself from its competitors and connect with its audience on a deeper level. And research supports this approach. Studies have shown that humans form bonds through narrative, as the emotion-controlling parts of the brain are stimulated while listening to a story. It’s why our hearts flutter when the couple finally falls in love in a romantic novel, and we celebrate with the vigilante who sought after justice and won at the movie’s end. We’ve connected with the characters and the story that has been told. We’ve built that bond.

Adding brand storytelling to your brand communication toolkit has several benefits. Remember earlier I mentioned how I wanted to tell others about the historical figures and novels I read? This calling happens for customers too. When you share the right stories, your customers will align with your mission, and they’ll be inclined to tell others about it too. Storytelling is a robust marketing tool to share your message and grow your following.

The content shared by brand storytelling provides an invaluable skill for businesses–the ability to evoke humanity. Although your business is a legal entity and not a person, it’s essential to communicate with humanistic language to best connect with your audience. It makes your brand relatable and inviting. By adding emotion to your messaging (through storytelling and emotional trigger words), you’re tapping into the reader’s emotional centers and fusing a bond with them. The result can start a customer’s lifelong loyalty to your brand. Storytelling as a marketing tool is an invaluable skill that heart-centered, people-focused brands deeply understand and excel in.

At Harper Kea Storytelling, I always preach about owning your story and connecting with your people. This is your chance to show how you’re one of one. No one else has your unique background, values, personality, and perspective. You bring that into your business. Combine that with your target audience’s values, and we create a brand message that is clear and distinct.

But sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start. What stories should you tell? Which ones will leave an impact on your audience?

My general rule for brand storytelling is this: make sure the story you tell is true, relatable, and intentional. Your audience wants to know the real you, so be sure your messaging is honest (but still professional!). Relatability and intention go hand in hand with brand storytelling: your customers should see themselves in your stories. They are the main character in this tale, and you are the guide helping them solve their problems. So although you’re telling your story, ensure the reader is the center of the message. What do you want them to feel? What is the action you want them to take? Keep the focus on the customer and not you.


If you need some guidance on where to begin with storytelling, I got ya!

Here are some prompts to get you started.

20 Brand Storytelling Prompts to Help you Stand Out from your Competitors

  1. Share the backstory of your business name.

  2. What’s the favorite part of your business and why?

  3. Show your gratitude. Tell the story of someone who inspires you and thank them.

  4. What’s a favorite memory you have within your business?

  5. What’s something new you tried this year?

  6. Share a story where your products or services helped someone.

  7. What’s the last book your read? Did you love it? Why or why not?

  8. Recall an embarrassing moment and what it taught you.

  9. What’s your most interesting hobby? Why do you love it?

  10. Highlight your community. Share the good that’s happening.

  11. What’s your go-to morning beverage? Why do you love it?

  12. What’s your biggest fear? How do you face it?

  13. Describe your morning routine. How do you get ready for the day?

  14. What’s the trickiest part of what you do?

  15. Share an accomplishment you’re proud of.

  16. Tell us about your work routine. How do you create your products or offer your services?

  17. What’s a personal goal for you this year? How will you work to achieve it?

  18. What mantra or word of affirmation means the most to you?

  19. Describe a moment where you failed. What lessons did you learn from that experience?

  20. Share the progress you’re making on a project.


There you have it! 20 storytelling prompts to elevate your brand messaging. It may feel daunting to begin using narrative in your brand communications, but trust me, it’s easier than you think.

To get started, go through these prompts and brainstorm some ideas and points you can use to answer the questions. From there, begin crafting your points into mini paragraphs. Don’t forget to use your brand voice and vocabulary to align the story to your overall branding. Remember, practice makes perfect; the more you use storytelling, the better you’ll become. Soon, you’ll be on your way to creating a relatable and memorable brand.

Your story matters, and your people want to hear it. Don’t be afraid to open up and add a bit of humanity to your brand through storytelling.

List of 20 brand storytelling prompts


Hey there! I’m Kristin, owner of Harper Kea Storytelling. As a copywriter and brand messaging strategist, I help creative entrepreneurs and wellness brands find the right words to own their stories and connect with their people. Ready to reflect your personality and purpose in your brand messaging? Schedule a discovery call with me!

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