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It pays to tell your story. Whether you need messaging strategy or web copy, I’ll make sure your words reflect your values and take your business to the next level.

Here's how I've helped previous clients surpass their business goals.

Looking for something else? Reach out to request specific examples.


Jess of Liminal States needed fresh copy to accompany the relaunch of their brand design company. They’re passionate about inclusivity and genuine expression within branding and desired their website messaging to match this. 

Within a month after launching, Liminal States booked their highest paying clients, at 10K and 20K.  Over the course of 4 months, they nearly doubled their 2020 annual revenue.


Jonatta is a web + brand designer and recently underwent a rebrand for her business. She sought my help with crafting a long-form sales page to announce the new offering and lock in a fresh wave of clients.  

Within the first week of the launch, by way of the sales page, traffic to the website increased by 67% and reached visitors in 2 countries.


Esther & Elsa Retail

Jordan created a top-tier event planning and consulting business, hosting local pop-up markets for small businesses and managing non-profit gift shops. In our partnership, I managed the social media content for 3 accounts, each with an unique brand voice, content theme, and audience.

Over the course of 3 months, the performance for each account grew significantly:

  • Account 1 saw a 14% increase in impressions and a 4% increase in engagement

  • Account 2 saw a 132% increase in impressions and a 225% increase in engagement

  • Account 3 saw a 124% increase in impressions and a 34% increase in engagement


Ready to share your story? Let's weave together your passions with the needs of your audience to create a brand messaging that's clear, memorable, and distinctly yours.

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