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It pays to share your story

Whether you need a brand story or copy for a full launch, I’m here to make sure your words reflect your values and take your business to the next level.


Liminal States

Project: Website Copy

Jess of Liminal States needed fresh copy to accompany the relaunch of their brand design company. They’re passionate about inclusivity and genuine expression within branding and desired their website messaging to match this. 


Within a month after launching, Liminal States booked their highest paying clients, at 10K and 20K.  Over the course of 4 months, they nearly doubled their 2020 annual revenue.

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We know authentic representation of identity is pretty powerful stuff.


Your brand is a culmination of your future dreams, desires, and aspirations—an extension of your authentic self and how you aim to support others.


Liminal States reflects our craving for a business, lifestyle, and self that served a higher purpose than our humble beginnings. We heard the call to move past the familiar and create a future more authentically aligned with our unique desires and would empower others to do the same. 


This call of ours is passionately anti-hustle and sustainable—allowing us to enjoy our work and give our full attention and time to building brand identities that honor your values, resonate with your community, and reflect your future aspirations. 


Through an ultra-personalized approach, we can discover that ideal future state for ourselves and others. We envision ours to have a mindful outlook—allowing us time to nurture our client relationships, build strong communities, and support others through brand identity work as an act of self-care and authentic expression. Whatever your future vision is, we aren’t here to judge. We’re here to discover how your brand visuals can support you and reflect your brand’s genuine self while seamlessly connecting you to your community. By doing this conscious work, we’re taking steps to make both your and our future visions a reality.

Kingdom Assistance

Project: Sales Page Copy

Jonatta is a web + brand designer and recently underwent a rebrand for her business. She sought my help with crafting a long-form sales page to announce the new offering and lock in a fresh wave of clients.  

Within the first week of the launch, by way of the sales page, traffic to the website increased by 67% and reached visitors in 2 countries.

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You’ve done it. Launched your brand and successfully elevated it to a thriving, profitable business. You’re surpassing your revenue goals, booking new clients every day, and truly making a difference within the community. Now it’s time to give your brand a much-needed upgrade to showcase your growth.

Except it takes DAYS, WEEKS, or even MONTHS to get a designer to build your brand. Why put yourself through the stress and hassle just to sit on a designer’s waitlist?

On top of that, you need your brand and your website fully redesigned. The designers you’ve looked into only offer one or the other.

Searching for a brand and web designer is costing you money. Your clients are seeing the DIY logo and website that your brand has clearly outgrown. You’ve worked so hard to build your business, and your branding isn’t showing that.

You know the message your website is sending doesn’t match your brand’s look or offerings. You’ve evolved and are ready to show that transformation. You just need to find the right design that represents your growth and helps build trust with your clients.

Going the DIY route won’t work anymore. You’re too busy successfully running your business, serving your clients, and spending time with your family. You can’t afford to add brand and web design to your already full to-do list. And you want something done ASAP.

What if you could get your full brand redesign done in a day or two? Now you can.

With the All-in-One VIP Branding Intensive™, you skip the long, drawn-out process and receive a full brand and web redesign within 2 days. Finally, a comprehensive, design experience that’s tailored just for you.

Earth-Kissed Beauty

Project: Website Copy

In this personal project, I utilized thorough market research and customer interviews to prepare a messaging strategy for my holistic skincare line.


Within the two months of the launch, the brand experienced a 511% increase in sales, and website visits increased by 1,485%.

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We're here to Nurture the Whole You

Uncomplicated, Clean Skincare for the Go-Getter

We get it. You're busy, your time is limited, and you strive to fill your schedule with things that matter. You don't want to follow a 10-step routine but wouldn't dare miss out on effective skincare. That's why EKB has created skincare rituals that require less than 5 steps and include products that put your health and wellbeing first. 


Holistic Beauty: A Step Beyond Clean Beauty

We combine the best of clean beauty and wellness essentials to create a perfect blend called holistic beauty. With earth-grown ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and resources from the best holistic professionals, we're here to help you thrive and nurture your whole self.

Esther & Elsa Retail

Project: Social Media

Jordan has grown her event planning and consulting business to be a top contender in her city, hosting pop-up markets for small businesses and managing non-profit gift shops. In our partnership, I managed the social media content for 3 accounts, each with an unique brand voice, content theme, and audience.

Over the course of 3 months, the performance for each account grew significantly:

  • Account 1 saw a 14% increase in impressions and a 4% increase in engagement

  • Account 2 saw a 132% increase in impressions and a 225% increase in engagement

  • Account 3 saw a 124% increase in impressions and a 34% increase in engagement

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Copy of Unnamed Design (4).png

Lizzie's All-natural Products

Project: Social Media

Lizzie creates soothing skincare products for people with eczema and other skincare conditions. The goals of our partnership were to reduce her workload and pique a deeper connection with her audience. 


Over the course of 6 months, her social media account received a 17% increase in followers and a 39% increase in engagement.

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