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Clear the confusion.
Sharpen the message.
Bring in more sales.

Web copy audits for the creative entrepreneur

Here's the deal.

You get less than 7 seconds to make a first impression with your website to new visitors. What you say and how you say it matter.


But if the sales aren’t rolling in as expected, you’re booking clients that aren’t aligned with your values, or people say they don’t understand what you do, it’s time to look at your web copy.


A magnetic website is more than pretty colors and a bold logo. Though they’re important, your brand identity should also include well-defined messaging that shows who you are, who you serve, and why your work matters. 

With a web copy audit, I’ll examine your website—word by word. I’ll look into the structure of your site to determine if it supports your key messaging and sales offer.

From there, I’ll share my suggestions with you on tangible ways to optimize sales, attract your ideal people, build emotional connections with your visitors, and book soulmate clients that choose you every time.



  • Clear the confusion from your copy

  • Rid the noise from excess sentences and web sections

  • Add flow to your website that’s easy to follow

  • Correct pesky grammar mistakes

  • Align your message with your vision for your biz

  • Employ a strong conversion copy that draws in sales

  • Attract web visitors that feel like soulmate clients

  • Show how you're one of one


The Web Copy Audit is Ideal for Established Entrepreneurs Who 

Enjoy taking a DIY approach to their biz or aren’t ready to invest in a full done-for-you brand messaging and web copywriting service but desire professional guidance to help them make changes on completing their work.

Don’t want to wait 4 weeks for a web copywriting project. They’d rather receive guidance in 3 days on what changes to make their website shine.

Have already written their own web copy but know something’s missing. They want a professional messaging strategist to identify the missing spark and share tips to help them make their web copy magnetic.

What's Included

  • A thorough, professional review of your website, up to 5 pages

  • A video recording of my walkthrough of your website and identifying areas for improvement

  • A detailed written report of my findings and recommendations


Timeline: 3-5 Days

Investment: $750

What's the process?


Once you’re booked, I’ll send over a questionnaire for you to tell me about your biz, goals, and current challenges.


I’ll use my pro messaging strategist eyes to review your web copy and identify areas for improvement.


Within 3 days, you’ll receive my written report and screen share video recording with all my suggestions to get you started on adding vibrancy to your website.


Need more clarity? You can schedule an optional 20-minute call to ask your questions. 

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