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Website Copy Portfolio

Every word placed on your website matters. Web copy tells your story; it drives sales; it represents who you are. Here's a collection of web copy I've created for my clients.


All work listed has been published with permission by its respective owners. 

(Obviously, this is proprietary information. Please don't copy or share it, mkay?)

Liminal States

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lim-i-nal /adj/

A transitional stage of a process


Your gut is nudging you to grab hold of your future vision, but you’re stuck in the status quo. The good news? We’ll bridge this gap, aligning your brand with your ideal future state.

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Nothing about you is ordinary. Your brand should be no different.


Liminal States supports people-led brands by curating identities rooted in authenticity. We'll meld our creative minds to design towards your ideal future vision through visuals that feel unshakably you. The result: magnetic branding that helps build your connected community of fans.


brand strategy / identity design / packaging / collateral / illustration / consulting / education

(with a pinch of self-discovery in the mix)


Benefits to hiring us

  • A mindful approach: We'll define what feels good in your bones, linking what matters most between you and your people.

  • Unique visuals: By banding together, we’ll build a brand so genuinely aligned that it can’t easily be replicated.

  • Knock-out collateral: Beyond logo design, we’ll develop a fully realized experience that your people will be gushing about.

Graphic Designer Working

Our Process


We’ll uncloud how you can best align with your ideal future state.


Let’s get mega-clear on what makes your brand distinctly you, then combine your one-of-a-kind self with authentic design that’s anything but ordinary.


Brands stand the test of time when they're fueled by the people who lead them. Our goal is to empower you to show up in your brand as your honest self--quirks and all. Our mindful approach will identify golden nuggets that link what matters most to you and your people, enabling us to build a future-proof identity that speaks true to your brand. Once your identity is fully integrated into what you do, you’ll discover a newfound sense of purpose—and your people will feel it too.

The Benefits

  • Fluid communication. We'll set clear expectations for timelines, refinements, and deadlines to keep our project running smoothly.

  • A strategic approach. Our methods are thorough and holistic, which means you don't have to stress about all style and no substance.

  • Well-researched. We’ll evaluate your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to assure we leverage what deviates you from the norm.

  • Creative alignment. Before we even think about jumping into design, we'll both be on the same page so you won't encounter any unwanted surprises.

  • Artful point-of-view. We’ll utilize our background in Fine Arts & Art History and our industry knowledge to create a fresh and timeless design.

  • 100% custom-made. Bespoke design is infused into all elements, creating your unique, magnetic brand. 

Our Services

Lynchpin Brand Identity 

Tap into your brand’s future self with this essential element--its true identity. An effective brand identity uses tailored strategy and curated visuals to best represent your brand values. This package is recommended for established brands in need of a custom persona that authentically reflects your unique perspective and connects with your desired audience. Let’s meet the ideal future vision for you.


Because we believe in the people behind the brand, we’ll start with our coveted Brand Journals & Brand Strategy process—allowing us to clearly identify what drives you and how we can connect that with your people. Our strategic approach clearly defines your who, what, and why before we even dive into custom-for-you design. 

What’s Included:

  • Brand Journal (Workbook)

  • 1:1 Strategy Sesh

  • Brand Strategy PDF

  • Custom Main Logo

  • 4+ Additional Visual Marks

  • Font System & Colour Palette

  • Custom Patterns or Textures

  • Social Profile Pic & Favicon

  • Final Files in Versatile Formats

  • Brand Style Guide PDF

  • One Hour of Post-Project Support

  • Our Expert Time & Care ;)


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Is my biz anti-oppressive?

Anti-O work seeks to recognise and diminish the oppression that exists in our society.


The goal of this work is to mitigate its effects and equalize power imbalances that occur due to race, class, gender identity, sexuality, ability, and more.


While we can examine this practice on a personal level—we must also extend this practice into action in our homes, social lives, communities, and even into our business practice to make this work truly impactful. 


As brands, we hold the resources, influence, and power to make a change. 


What are the ways we can build equitable brands that prioritize ethics and accessibility and reform the systems that perpetuate inequality?


We understand it will take all of us to make equitable changes in our society. As a brand, here are the steps we’re actively taking to work towards being anti-oppressive.


  • Our perspective. We’re committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all facets, including in our brand.

  • Advocate approach. We shun the hustle mindset and perfectionism trap due to its ties to oppression. 

  • Pricing structure. We offer accessible-tiered pricing and alternative design packages based on individual needs.

  • Who we work with. We seek to work with marginalized groups and/or those who have a socially conscious approach.

  • We may fumble. We’re about showing up, correcting our mistakes, and getting to work so we can become better. 

  • Our commitment. We’re committed to learning and improving. We invite you to call us out and in when necessary. 

Earth-Kissed Beauty

Home Page

You deserve to feel good + love your skin.

Holistic skincare that nurtures the whole you

Be Holistically You.

We're here to nurture the whole you with uncomplicated, clean skincare & guidance on thriving in wellness.

Uncomplicated Skincare Routines. Shop our 4-5 step bundles curated for your skin type.

Natural Beauty Models

About Us


We're here to Nurture the Whole You

Uncomplicated, Clean Skincare for the Go-Getter

We get it. You're busy, your time is limited, and you strive to fill your schedule with things that matter. You don't want to follow a 10-step routine but wouldn't dare miss out on effective skincare. That's why EKB has created skincare rituals that require less than 5 steps and include products that are nourishing and are good for your health.


Holistic Beauty: A Step Beyond Clean Beauty

We combine the best of clean beauty and wellness essentials to create a perfect blend called holistic beauty. With earth-grown ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and resources from the best holistic professionals, we're here to help you thrive and nurture your whole self.


Thriving in Wellness is Always in Style

Health education is a pillar in the EKB house. We believe a person can thrive in wellness when their mind, body, and spirit are nourished. Gaining knowledge is the first step to creating better habits for optimal health. At EKB, we provide guidance to help you thrive in wellness. Our educational channel, Rooted, includes blogs on various health topics, video tutorials, guides, and tips to help you meet your holistic skin health goals.


Meet Our Founder

"As a Certified Health Education Specialist and proponent of holistic health, I wanted to create a brand that provided clean skincare and was a reputable source on thriving in wellness to help others navigate this life journey. Earth-Kissed Beauty (EKB) was the beautiful result of my pursuit to live holistically. After experiencing the traumatic effects of being in a state of imbalance, I began to discover the importance of living holistically and nurturing my mind, body, and spirit. My journey helped me realize there was a lack of skincare products that were truly nourishing, non-toxic, and providing education and encouragement to help others experience a balanced life. I wanted to share the blessing of holistic beauty with others and founded Earth-Kissed Beauty. The life journey can certainly be hard, but finding nourishing, non-toxic skincare shouldn't be. It is my hope that EKB can be a small part of you living your life to the fullest."-Kristin

Landing Page


Skincare Routines

We believe that your skincare routine should be clean, fresh, + simple. 

Here is some guidance to help you find the holistic skincare routine that works best for you.

Acne-Prone/Blemished Skincare Routine

Target current acne flare ups and treat blemishes. You are radiant. Let us help you love your earth-kissed skin.

Morning Care


Evening Care


Weekly Maintenance


Sales Page

Geranium + Hibiscus Body Scrub: The healthy, radiant complexion-promoting body scrub.


Introducing a body scrub with organic cane sugar, shea butter, hibiscus flower, and rich oils to deeply moisturize and soften the skin. Geranium + Hibiscus Body Scrub buffs away dull skin, and boosts skin cell regeneration to achieve silky, polished skin and a healthy glow!


See what this nourishing, all-natural body scrub can do for your skin.


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Achieve Healthy Glow with Super Ingredients

Give your skin extra loving care with the silky, skin-firming effects of Geranium + Hibiscus Body Scrub. This body scrub delivers a powerful blend of Whipped Shea Butter, essential oils, and all-natural super ingredients to provide antioxidants and skin-firming nutrients, leaving your skin polished from head to toe.

Create an Aromatherapeutic Experience

Restore your skin’s much-needed nourishment any time of day. Geranium + Hibiscus Body Scrub buffs away dull skin and replaces it with vitamins, oils, natural enzymes, fatty acids, and other nutrients to deeply exfoliate, moisturize, and soften your skin. Additionally, this body scrub contains a subtle blend of essential oils to create an aromatherapeutic experience while also promoting a healthy, radiant complexion.    


Only Allow All-Natural Ingredients to Touch Your Skin


Geranium + Hibiscus Body Scrub is made with only all-natural ingredients including cane sugar*, avocado oil*, hibiscus flower*, shea butter, vegetable glycerin*, ylang ylang essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, geranium essential oil (* = organic)


Organic Hibiscus and a Unique Blend of Rich Oils

We handpicked essential oils for Geranium + Hibiscus Body Scrub including ylang ylang essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, and geranium essential oil. Together, these three essential oils work together to promote a healthy, radiant complexion. Additionally, we selected organic hibiscus flower, a natural source of AHA, to exfoliate and boost skin cell regeneration, minimize skin discoloration, and treat acne. Finishing off this powerful body scrub, we chose shea butter and organic avocado oil that provide rich fatty acids to deeply moisturize and soften your skin.


How to Best Use Geranium + Hibiscus Body Scrub

Shake well before use. Apply scrub to wet skin and gently massage. Rinse off and enjoy your silky smooth, polished skin with a healthy glow. 


We invite you to try Geranium + Hibiscus Body Scrub and see what this nutrient-rich body scrub can do for your earth-kissed skin.

Whidbee Accounting

Financial Advisor

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Whidbee Accounting

Comprehensive accounting services for small businesses and entrepreneurs to meet their goals


All About Us

Whidbee Accounting specializes in full-service financial solutions to help your business achieve its greatest financial potential. With over 10 years of experience, we offer tailored guidance and strategy to drive profits and success. Our comprehensive accounting services include bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation.

Services Collection Page

Comprehensive accounting services. Tailored Financial Guidance with Targeted Results


We understand the frustration bookkeeping gives business owners and entrepreneurs. Our bookkeeping service eliminates the headache and restores precious time for you to operate your business. We offer monthly account maintenance, balance accounts, generate financial statements, and conduct monthly meetings to keep you informed of your account’s status. You focus on running your business; we’ll handle the books.

Services offered:

  • Accounting transaction entry

  • Chart of Accounts creation and organization

  • Monthly reconciliations

  • Monthly financial statements

  • Scheduled monthly meetings

  • Unlimited email and phone support

Office Desk

Tax Preparation

We take a proactive approach with our tax services to ensure you are prepared for the upcoming tax season and benefit from all available tax deductions. Your business’ growth is important to us, and we take the time to listen to your concerns and goals. Our tailored tax plans will help you prepare for your business’ financial goals and strategize for future milestones.

Services offered:

  • Individual tax preparation (Form 1040 and various schedules)

  • Corporate tax preparation (Forms 1065, 1120s, 1120)

  • Quarterly tax planning sessions

  • Tax withholding assistance

  • Tax code interpretation

  • General tax consultation and advisory



Payroll preparation for each of your employees is time-consuming and tedious. Our comprehensive payroll services handle the entire process, restoring your time to run your business. We offer payroll solutions to maintain your existing payroll system and ensure your employees receive payment and documentation in a timely manner.   

Services offered:

  • Monthly payroll record generation and maintenance

  • Detailed reports on employee’s vacation, sick days, and personal days accruals

  • Special federal and state reports (W-2, W-3, 1099, 1096, Social Security, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment, Child Support)

  • Federal and state tax remittance


About Us Page 

About the Firm: Whidbee Accounting, LLC simplifies financial affairs businesses and entrepreneurs face through its comprehensive accounting services. The firm operates on 3 standing principles: professionalism, quality, and community. Whidbee Accounting delivers high quality financial services and professional insight to aid business owners in making informed, strategic financial decisions. As a small business, the firm strives to create and foster community through supporting clients with its exclusive network of business resources.


Meet Sanailer: Sanailer Whidbee, EA founded Whidbee Accounting in 2016, after devoting over 10 years to both public and private accounting services. After completing her degree in Mathematics and Accounting in 2008 from NC State University, Sanailer worked in public accounting, preparing tax returns for both individuals and organizations. She later transitioned to private accounting, providing payroll, tax preparation, and financial strategies for individuals, corporations, estates, and non-profit organizations. Sanailer is passionate towards helping small businesses and non-profits grow and meet their financial goals. Through her firm, she provides tailored financial services to small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. When not handling businesses’ accounting needs, Sanailer is enjoying quality family time and beach vacations with her husband and two children.

“I view all businesses as flowers. They just need water and light to help them grow.”

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