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It ain't official until it's on the 'Gram. I've helped several clients share captions that are authentic, relatable, and true to their brand voice and values. Check out some examples below.

All work listed has been published with permission by its respective owners. 

(Obviously, this is proprietary information. Please don't copy or share it, mkay?)


Don't let the winter weather wreak havoc on your skin. Nourish your skin and save with our holistic skincare goodies!⁠⁠

Our whipped body butters are handcrafted with a blend of fair-trade shea butter, organic fruit oils, and aromatic essential oils. Your skin will love how easily our body butters absorb and seal in moisture for all-day hydration.⁠⁠

Check out any of our 6 body butters on our website. Link in bio.

It was unseasonably warm today in this area. When you get a day like this in February, you’ve gotta go outside and enjoy it!

The feeling of the sun warming the skin and the crispness of the air when you take in a deep’s powerful.

I’m so thankful for sweet moments like this. Who else feels rejuvenated after spending time outside?


Earth-Kissed Beauties know to show love and respect to the Earth.

We love celebrating Earth Day by making sustainable changes to our daily living. Each small change adds up to the preservation of our planet. And what a beautiful planet it is!

We want our babies' babies to be able to breathe fresh air, marvel at flowering plants and the pollinators that keep them growing, and swim in unpolluted waters. So let's do our part to keep this Earth flourishing.

Swipe to see 6 ways you can go green and help restore our Earth.

Nature Walk

Happy Saturday lovelies!


At EKB, we believe #RealSkinIsGoodSkin and want to help you reach your healthy skin goals. Meeting those goals requires more than using the best skincare products. ⁠

Here's some healthy skincare tips that aren't product-related. Be sure to check out all of our tips on our blog. Link in bio!

6 Ways To go green.png

We've reached the point where Sunday transitions from the freakin' weekend to the Sunday scaries.

Fight those end-of weekend blues with the Blue Tansy Body Scrub.

Your skin will love how it repairs UV damage, reduces inflammation, and deeply moisturizes.

How do you plan to enjoy the rest of this Sunday?

A woman with a vision is unstoppable.


We love the Without Bounds tee because it reminds us to never place a limit on what we can achieve. Feel free to dream, live, believe and love without bounds.


Purchase your Without Bounds tee on our website and help another woman thrive. We donate a portion of each sale to @dressforsuccess . Shop now!

Mother and Daughter Hugging

Hey #prettegirlsquad ! You know we’re all about uplifting our girls and reminding them that they are capable of everything they desire. 

Here are some quick tips on how you can empower the young, prette girl in your life: 

  • Give words of affirmation to remind them of their worth 

  • Compliment them beyond their appearance 

  • Spend quality time with them 

  • Share books, movies, art and activities that are outside of the traditional gender roles

We hope you enjoyed these quick tips! Do you have any other advice on encouraging our girls? Share with us in the comments!

It’s time for a beach trip! Keep all your beach day essentials handy with our tote bags. Tell us what’s in your beach bag?🏖️

Life Etc. Tote Bag
Girl Coloring

Looking for some ways to inspire your Prette Girl this summer? Here are some quick tips:

  • Write a thank you note to someone

  • Donate outgrown clothes and shoes to your local foster care organization

  • Make a care package for a loved one


Our prette girls are respectful and caring. We hope these tips help grow their character even more.✨ #shinebrightprettegirl

What’s your morning routine?


For me it’s waking up around 6 AM, spending quiet time with God/meditating, and then heading to the shop to prepare more batches of our products.


Whether you’re an early riser like me or enjoy sleeping in, I hope your day is productive and filled with joy!

Open for Business
Group Seflie

Hands up if you love the skin you’re in! 🙌🏿


Feeling confident and comfortable in your skin is so much easier when you’re caring for your soul and nourishing your skin with all-natural products.


Shop now and join the skin love party! 

We believe that natural is the only way to go when it comes to skincare. Our products are created with real, pure, plant-based ingredients that soothe, heal, and nourish the skin.


Lavender is an ingredient used in several of our products, including our All natural Deodorant. This flower is used to promote calmness and wellness but it also has antibacterial properties and soothes skin conditions like eczema, sunburns and acne. In our deodorant, lavender works to keep your skin clear and smelling fresh.


Are you a fan of lavender? Let us know in the comments!

In a Lavender Field
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