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Founder Bio Portfolio

People buy from a brand but they stay because of your story. The right brand story and founder bio will be authentic, relatable, and captivating, so readers will become your loyal customers. Check out some of the amazing brands and entrepreneurs I've written about!


All work listed has been published with permission by its respective owners. 

(Obviously, this is proprietary information. Please don't copy or share it, mkay?)

Whidbee Accounting

About the Firm: Whidbee Accounting, LLC simplifies financial affairs businesses and entrepreneurs face through its comprehensive accounting services. The firm operates on 3 standing principles: professionalism, quality, and community. Whidbee Accounting delivers high-quality financial services and professional insight to aid business owners in making informed, strategic financial decisions. As a small business, the firm strives to create and foster community through supporting clients with its exclusive network of business resources.


Meet Sanailer: Sanailer Whidbee, EA founded Whidbee Accounting in 2016, after devoting over 10 years to both public and private accounting services. After completing her degree in Mathematics and Accounting in 2008 from NC State University, Sanailer worked in public accounting, preparing tax returns for both individuals and organizations. She later transitioned to private accounting, providing payroll, tax preparation, and financial strategies for individuals, corporations, estates, and non-profit organizations. Sanailer is passionate towards helping small businesses and non-profits grow and meet their financial goals. Through her firm, she provides tailored financial services to small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. When not handling businesses’ accounting needs, Sanailer is enjoying quality family time and beach vacations with her husband and two children.

“I view all businesses as flowers. They just need water and light to help them grow.”

Monique Tuset Consulting


A Little Background about Me!

I consider myself to be a dream connector. I find immense joy in helping people discover their passions and unfold their possibilities. Even as a little girl growing up in Erwin, North Carolina, I loved learning of my friends and family’s biggest dreams and encouraged them to make those dreams a reality. That passion has remained with me throughout my career as a social worker connecting rural communities to higher education opportunities and in my current work preparing graduate students for fulfilling careers post-graduation.

My passion to encourage others in pursuing their visions and goals has manifested itself in many ways throughout my career. I have published 3 books to provide Biblical encouragement and share hairstyling tips. In the past, I provided resume services for individuals seeking career growth. Now, I am devoting my skills to coaching aspiring entrepreneurs, job seekers, and authors to identify their goals and reach their next level.

As a believer, I love sharing how others are centering their lives, purposes, and growth to uplift the Kingdom. My podcast, Audience of One, explores how we are designed to flourish by following our God-given purposes.

Beyond being a project coach and social worker, I love spending quality time with my husband and daughter, enjoying a good novel, and testing new recipes.

I know there’s so much potential within you, and I’m excited to help you unlock it. Let’s work together and see what God has in store for you!

Connect with me on social media or feel free to drop me a line!

Earth-Kissed Beauty

We're here to Nurture the Whole You

Uncomplicated, Clean Skincare for the Go-Getter

We get it. You're busy, your time is limited, and you strive to fill your schedule with things that matter. You don't want to follow a 10-step routine but wouldn't dare miss out on effective skincare. That's why EKB has created skincare rituals that require less than 5 steps and include products that are nourishing and are good for your health.


Holistic Beauty: A Step Beyond Clean Beauty

We combine the best of clean beauty and wellness essentials to create a perfect blend called holistic beauty. With earth-grown ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and resources from the best holistic professionals, we're here to help you thrive and nurture your whole self.


Thriving in Wellness is Always in Style

Health education is a pillar in the EKB house. We believe a person can thrive in wellness when their mind, body, and spirit are nourished. Gaining knowledge is the first step to creating better habits for optimal health. At EKB, we provide guidance to help you thrive in wellness. Our educational channel, Rooted, includes blogs on various health topics, video tutorials, guides and tips to help you meet your holistic skin health goals.


Meet Our Founder

"As an Certified Health Education Specialist and proponent of holistic health, I wanted to create a brand that provided clean skincare and was a reputable source on thriving in wellness to help others navigate this life journey. Earth-Kissed Beauty (EKB) was the beautiful result of my pursuit to live holistically. After experiencing the traumatic effects of being in a state of imbalance, I began to discover the importance of living holistically and nurturing my mind, body, and spirit. My journey helped me realize there was a lack in skincare products that were truly nourishing, non-toxic, and providing education and encouragement to help others experience a balanced life. I wanted to share the blessing of holistic beauty with others and founded Earth-Kissed Beauty. The life journey can certainly be hard, but finding nourishing, non-toxic skincare shouldn't be. It is my hope that EKB can be a small part of you living your life to the fullest."-Kristin

Natural Beauty Models

Liminal States

About Us


We know authentic representation of identity is pretty powerful stuff.


Your brand is a culmination of your future dreams, desires, and aspirations—an extension of your authentic self and how you aim to support others.


Liminal States reflects our craving for a business, lifestyle, and self that served a higher purpose than our humble beginnings. We heard the call to move past the familiar and create a future more authentically aligned with our unique desires and would empower others to do the same. 


This call of ours is passionately anti-hustle and sustainable—allowing us to enjoy our work and give our full attention and time to building brand identities that honor your values, resonate with your community, and reflect your future aspirations. 


Through an ultra-personalized approach, we can discover that ideal future state for ourselves and others. We envision ours to have a mindful outlook—allowing us time to nurture our client relationships, build strong communities, and support others through brand identity work as an act of self-care and authentic expression. Whatever your future vision is, we aren’t here to judge. We’re here to discover how your brand visuals can support you and reflect your brand’s genuine self while seamlessly connecting you to your community. By doing this conscious work, we’re taking steps to make both your and our future visions a reality.


Meet Jess -> Jess Avolio, Creative Director & Founder

My past experiences in agency settings often felt creatively stifling, emotionally draining, and downright unfulfilling. Branching out on my own was something I always envisioned for myself, but fear of the unknown and limiting beliefs often got in the way. 


Ultimately, I knew that becoming a business owner would give me newfound freedom and control over my work/life alignment. 


And that vision outweighed my current hesitations, every day. In 2018, I finally took the leap into full-time entrepreneurship and haven't looked back. Taking that first step to your future self can be frightening, but I’ve learned that moving through those liminal states brings to you a newer version of yourself that’s bolder, freer, and unshakably you. 


This perspective is why I’m so dedicated to not only continually building that vision for myself, but helping others explore how they can do the same. Because wedging yourself into someone else’s vision for success feels uncomfortable, and it’s much more fun getting to define that yourself.

  • Artistic background. I have an honours B.A. in Fine Arts & Art History, which lends to referencing art movements and design principles in my work and creating designs that embody an artistic, timeless quality. 

  • My morning routine. I practice self-care in the morning by drinking peppermint tea with honey in bed and having a slow start to my day. Afterwards, I start my creative workflow.

  • What I value most. I care deeply about social justice, identity, and building community. My mental and physical health are also a priority, which means honouring my time, energy, and boundaries in work and life.

Band of free agents

We believe in deviating from what’s seen in a typical agency structure by running a decentralized studio that’s forward-thinking and collaborative. Partnering with a network of freelancers allows us to provide you with high-level agency support without the standard hierarchies of an in-house team. This emphasis on a collaborative approach enables us to tap into the creative strengths of each individual team member.


  • Chi N…, Web Developer

Chi is a talented developer with extensive coding knowledge in WordPress, Shopify, and more.

  • Jess O…, Accessibility Coach

Jess is a Disabled Designer who specializes in accessible design, disability representation, and inclusion.

  • Irene C…, Layout Designer

Rin is a true layout wiz with everything from Welcome Guides, Slide Decks, Proposals to eBooks.


Want to join our creative network?

We’re interested in building a powerful community of creatives who can leverage their own individual strengths and interests. Feel like you’d be the perfect addition? Email us.

Mae Nicole Candles

Welcome to Mae Nicole Candles. We design luxury candles to elevate your mood and add a welcoming, sophisticated touch to your home. 


For us, home is wherever you connect with family and create new experiences. Growing up in Minnesota, we remember countless moments of family time during cozy-filled winter nights. Though the conversations may have faded, the emotions those memories created in our hearts truly linger.


That’s our approach with candles. We use a blend of natural fragrances to create a lasting aroma that captures a moment and creates a sense of belonging. Whether in your hotel, office, or bedroom, we want you to feel at home in your environment. 


Our mother, Carla Mae, was the original innovator in the family. Her keen entrepreneurial spirit runs throughout the business and keeps her daughter, Shawntel Nicole, inspired with new fragrance and product ideas. We honor her memory with our Love candle, donating 10% of proceeds to the American Cancer Society.


After moving to North Carolina, Shawntel was on the endless hunt for candles to create her new sense of home. When she couldn’t find any that didn’t cause headaches or permeate a room, she heard the call to create her own. In 2019, with family and home in mind, Mae Nicole Candles was born.

Our coconut-apricot crème wax candles are handcrafted with wooden wicks and all-natural fragrances that are vegan and free of toxins, parabens, and phthalates. We honor our original and current home by sourcing raw materials from both Minnesota and North Carolina to create a blend that truly reflects our values in supporting small and local businesses. 


“I believe the best homes are filled with loved ones, mood-evoking decor, and luxury candles that revitalize your senses and remind you that you belong. I hope our candles add a sense of sophistication and comfort wherever you call home.” 

-Shawntel Carter

YGM Consulting

Meet Your Coach

Yolanda G. Mukombe serves as the founder and CEO of YGM Consulting. As Chief Empowerment Officer, Yolanda is dedicated to helping women boldly experience a vibrant life through shifting their mindset and stepping into their purpose.

Going through the motions

Like many women following society’s version of success, Yolanda had accomplished several feats off her checklist. She obtained multiple degrees and built a formidable career in financial services. She found and married her true love. She had a beautiful baby boy. And in spite of this, she was leading a life that was unhappy and unfulfilled. After experiencing two major traumatic events, Yolanda realized she was merely surviving and simply going through the motions. Something had to give.

Yolanda strengthened her relationship with God and began her personal journey towards thriving in life. She discovered the beauty of living life on her own terms and never looked back! Acting in faith, Yolanda left her corporate position and began her consulting career to empower other women to enjoy life and embrace all it offers. 

Undeniable joy in living and thriving

In her new role, Yolanda provides transformational coaching and helpful resources to guide millennial women towards their own version of thriving. Yolanda published a 52-week devotional, Don't Forget Who God Is, and founded Can We BEE, an initiative that builds economic equity in underserved communities. Yolanda is also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, Incorporated and serves on several boards of nonprofit organizations that positively impact women with personal development tools and resources. 

It’s time to live

“I’ve been there. Feeling stuck and tired with the status quo but knowing I was called to do more. By shifting my thinking, I was able to boldly walk into my purpose and thrive. God has so much more in store for our lives, and I’m elated to help other women realize His promise. It’s time for us all to live a life of personified excellence.” -Yolanda 

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