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Whether you need me to write the chapter, the book, or the entire series, I'm here to tell your story and sprinkle a little magic along the way to keep your customers coming back for more!

Chapter Services (a la carte)

Blog Writing

Share educational content and in-depth view of your brand. I'll help you build authority in your niche and connect deeper with your customers.

Service includes:

  • 2 blogs/month

  • 600 word maximum

  • Thorough research on topic

  • Appropriate references and citations included as needed

  • 3 month retainer required

Service rate: $720 per month

Brand Story/

Founder's Bio

Ready to tell your story? Great! Your audience is eager to learn about you. I'll put you in the spotlight and make sure it gets your best angles.

Service includes:

  • 300 word maximum

  • In-depth discovery of brand/founder to highlight your best features and services

Service rate: $310


Need someone to review your work? I'm your girl! I didn't endure endless grammar lectures and straight A's in English class for nothing. 

Service options include:

  • Home page copy

  • Landing page

  • Social media caption

  • Product/service description

  • Brand story/Founder's bio

  • Blog

Service rate: $310 per page

Product/Service Descriptions

Allow me to craft captivating descriptions of your products and services that will bring in new customers and drive sales.

Service includes:

  • Copy for up to 10 product/service descriptions

  • 150 words maximum per product/service

Service rate: $310

Social Media Copy

Is your brand lacking engagement on social? I can help by writing captions that truly speak to your brand audience and lead to conversions.

Service includes:

  • 20 captions/month

  • Light tailored strategy (suggested hashtags, engagement tips)

  • 3 month retainer required

Service rate: $310 per month

Website Copy

I can assist your business' rebrand or new launch by creating wording on your website that is captivating and reflective of your brand's voice. 

Service includes copy for 4 pages:

  • Home page

  • Landing page

  • Collections/service pages

  • Contact pages

  • About Us page

  • Sales Page

Service rate: $775

Landing Page/

Sales Page Copy

Selling a new product or service? Let me guide potential clients down your sales funnel w/effective, conversion copy on your landing/sales page.

Service includes:

  • 500 words maximum

  • Written with conversion funnel strategy

  • Minimum of 3 call to actions within copy​​

Service rate: $415

Ad Copy

Ready to drive eager shoppers to your site? Allow me to write your ad copy that's eye-catching and stops the reader's scrolling thumb in its tracks!​

Service includes:

  • 3 ad copies

  • 300 words maximum per ad

  • Strong call to action

  • Light ad marketing strategy

Service rate: $360

Email Copy

Connect with your audience with the one platform you truly own: your email list. I'll write effective emails to share content and drive sales.

Service includes: 

  • 3 emails

  • 300 words maximum

  • Educational content

  • Persuasive call to action 

  • Light email strategy

Service rate: $415


Need multiple services? No problem! I'm sitting at my desk eager to write the ultimate story just for you!


Let me tell your story.

I'm ready to sing your glories with high-converting email and ad copies. Don't worry; I'll only share the juicy details with your readers.

Includes the following content:

  • 4 Ad Copies

  • 4 Email Copies

Package rate: $1031 per month

Novel Series Package

Keep them coming back for more!

I can build your brand's authority and strengthen your brand community by giving your customers content they'll love and connect with.

Includes the following content:

  • Blog Writing (2 posts/month)

  • Social Media Content (20 captions)

3 month retainer required

Storybook Package

A timeless classic. We're here for the long haul.

Ready to go all in with this relationship? This all-inclusive package will have me coming over for Sunday dinners and scheduling play dates for the kiddos.


Includes the following content:

  • Website Copy (4 pages)

  • Brand Story/Founder Bio

  • Product/Service Descriptions (up to 10)

  • Blog Writing (for 3 months)

  • Social Media Content (for 3 months) 

3 month retainer required

Package rate: $1493 per month

Package rate: $1025 per month

3 month retainer required

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